Electrical Voltaic

Voltaic Transfer Acupressure Therapy (VTA) is a new development in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a needle-less acupuncture technique where electrical stimuli are applied to acu-points of the patient. However, Voltaic Transfer Acupressure does NOT utilize any electrical stimuli devices. For VTA, electrical pulses are emitted to the patient directly from the physician, using traditional unique and specialized acupressure techniques.

This technique is relatively new in Australia. It is a new adaptation of needle-less acupuncture that has been proven and used in Asia for over 30 years. It was developed primarily for chronic diseases as well as patients who have a phobia for needles. It is also effective for relieving acute pain and discomfort instantly.

VTA possesses the combined benefits of acupressure, acupuncture and electro-magnetic stimuli. These combinations achieve tremendous results compared to being applied independently. The physician is able to stimulate cell growth and repair, re-balance the nervous system and help clear the lymph nodes of the patients. Over the last three decades, this technique has been used successfully to help improve the life of patients.

Example of common conditions treatable using this technique include paralysis, autism, stroke, sports injuries, narcolepsy (inability to regulate normal sleep-wake cycles) and somnolence (sleepiness).

Electrical voltaic, voltaic transfer acupressure therapy (VTA) Sydney

Benefits of Electrical Voltaic

  • Needle-free treatment
  • Combines the benefits of multiple TCM practices
  • Stimulates cell growth and repair
  • Balances nervous system and clears lymph nodes.
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