Joints, Dislocations & Back Pain

Fractures and Dislocations

Patients experiencing fractures or dislocations will often feel pain, discomfort or swelling at affected areas. Natural recovery time can take months or a year to restore full function and movement. Using TCM methods such as acupuncture, herbs and massage can reduce recovery time significantly.

There are several types of fractures and dislocations which vary in levels of severity and can require different levels of treatment:

Complete fractures are serious fractures which may require surgery to realign the bones. Screws, plates and rods are implemented to hold the bones in place, and the affected area will then swell to more than double its usual size. Recovery time is upwards of 1 year.

Incomplete fractures are less traumatic injuries often caused by a strong blunt force impact. The use of proper reduction or manipulation techniques to realign the bones can remove the need for surgery.

Hairline fractures, also known as stress fractures, are the smallest and least severe fractures. These will often occur contained in a single location.

Joint dislocations occur when there is an abnormal separation in the joint where two or more bones meet. These are usually caused by a trauma or fall, and occur most commonly in the shoulders, knees, elbows, fingers and toes.

Hui Kang Kin have treated several cases with great success, especially those injuries occurring in athletes and dancers.

Joints, dislocations and back pain therapy

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Lower Back Pain (Prolapsed Discs)

Prolapsed, herniated or slipped discs are often the cause of lower back pain. This is where the soft nucleus pulpous (NP) or annulus fibrosis (AF) extend beyond their normal borders. Prolapsed discs mostly occur in 35 to 55 year olds, or due to trauma caused by car accidents, heavy lifting or impact sport injuries. Pain is caused from the displaced discs putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.

If left untreated, the injury can apply unnecessary pressure and degeneration onto the spine and lower back. We are able to treat this issue with TCM to prolong degeneration and gradually improve alignment of discs in affected areas.

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